AAPM Foundation Donors

The AAPM Foundation recognizes the generosity of all patrons who donate to the Foundation. The donations included in this list are gifts of cash, stock, in-kind gifts of merchandise or services, and matching gifts from companies made between January 1, 2020, and February 1, 2020.



Up to $300

  • Anne Ptaszynski, MD
  • Beth Darnall, PhD
  • Carlo DiFonzo, PhD
  • Douglas Manganelli, MD
  • F Hanna Campbell
  • Feng Xu, PhD
  • Gary Haas, DO
  • Gerard Joseph Hevern, MD
  • Hana Hewitt, NP
  • J Scott Bainbridge, MD
  • James Edwards Roth, MD
  • John D Allen, DO, MSPT
  • Jose Luis Villarreal, MD
  • Joseph Georgy Amin Azer Ibrahim, MD
  • Joseph K Fluence, MD
  • Kathryn Park, MD
  • Keith A Kirby, MD
  • Laurie Kabins, MD
  • Lindsay Bergstreser, PA-C
  • Lyndal Stoutin, MD
  • Manjit S Randhawa, DO
  • Michael Gesquiere, MD
  • Murray E Joiner, MD
  • Narayan R Kissoon, MD
  • Nathaniel Stuart Gould, MD
  • Pacito Yabes, MD
  • Peter Dedrick Wright, MD
  • Ralph G Menard, MD
  • Rebeca Monreal, DO
  • Richard Marshall Wolkowitz, MD
  • Sameh Hanna, MD
  • Samuel Clayton Korbe, MD
  • Scott Magnuson, MD
  • Sofia Weigel, MD
  • Stephen P Katz, MD
  • Thomas B Bryan, MD
  • Tim Wilson, MD
  • Townsend Smith III, MD