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Advocating for Patients

“The AAPM Foundation is committed to safeguarding the highest standard of patient care, science, research, and professional integrity of pain specialists. Your donation to the Foundation is critical in furthering the mission of AAPM. Together, we can plant the seeds of self-sufficiency.” —B. Todd Sitzman, MD MPH



AAPM Foundation

The AAPM Foundation was created in 2011 to support the American Academy of Pain Medicine's (AAPM) efforts. The Foundation supports AAPM’s core purpose to optimize the health of patients in pain and eliminate the major health problem of pain by advancing the practice and the specialty of pain medicine.

The overarching focus of the Foundation’s efforts is to advocate for patient safety by providing funding support to expand and enhance education and research and by advocating for improved training to advance pain management.

Our priorities include

  • ensuring quality pain education
  • engaging key stakeholders to influence education, research, and advocacy
  • setting standards for patient-centered outcomes.

The AAPM Foundation is committed to funding opportunities for comprehensive education and research to close gaps in knowledge and help provide the safest and highest quality treatments in pain medicine. Together with AAPM, the AAPM Foundation has identified a plan to provide innovative and wide-reaching educational programs to improve patient outcomes, elevate standards of implementation in the treatment of pain, and fund research to advance the field.

Download the AAPM Foundation brochure to learn more.


The AAPM Foundation’s mission is to eliminate pain as a significant public health problem by advancing physician education and furthering research in the field. The Foundation supports AAPM’s core purpose, which is to optimize the health of patients in pain and eliminate the major health problem of pain by advancing the practice and specialty of pain medicine.


The Foundation envisions access to optimal pain care that improves the functionality and quality of life for patients with pain, significantly mitigating the widespread problem of pain in the United States. The Foundation’s efforts, in concert with other leading organizations, will lead to promoting quality pain education and training for all physicians, conducting research into the causes and treatment of pain conditions and disease, and supporting best practices to optimize patient outcomes and ensure a comprehensive, integrated, and coordinated system of care.